CBD Oil for Dogs

04 Feb

There have been interesting research regarding the use of CBD oil for dogs. Likewise how CBD helped humans, your dog can also take advantage of the benefits it offers. Let's take a quick look of how it can help your pet to be better.

Number 1. CBD isn't psychoactive - CBD or cannabidiol at https://www.innovetpet.com  is a type of compound that is found in hemp and cannabis. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol can be found in cannabis at the same time and this is the component that is giving marijuana the psychoactive properties. Majority of the CBD oils are actually just that, the useful CBD minus THC. And they are usually coming from hemp and not from marijuana. In other words, your dog will not get the high feeling from using CBD oil. Rather, your pet will feel more relaxed without any intoxication.

Number 2. CBD oil helps reduce anxiety - does your four legged friend is suffering from noise phobias or separation anxiety. Well then, there have been extensive studies from Innovet CBD for the effect it brings on anxiety and stress. In humans, it has been found to help in reducing anxiety that is caused by public speaking, reduce anxiety both in healthy people and to those who have anxiety disorders and be effective for panic disorders as well as PTSD or post traumatic stress disorders.

Number 3. CBD fights cancer - CBD and all other substances that are found in cannabis and hemp have been found to have the antitumor effect. CBD has been shown to help stop cancer cells from spreading and thus, increasing tumor cell death. Furthermore, CBD bolster the killer cells of our immune system that is causing cancer cell death, CBD helps in killing cancer cells by mean of blocking its ability to produce energy, the antitumor properties of CBD is slowing and inhibiting glioma cell growth and many more.

Number 4. CBD treats epilepsy and seizure - roughly, up to 5 percent of dogs are suffering from seizures. Majority of dogs who have seizures are actually put on drugs like potassium bromide and Phenobarbital. While they might help in controlling seizures, it could be harmful to the organs like liver. Also, the drugs don't work at all time. CBD has been seen to work in a drug resistant epilepsy. In fact, in a study of 7 out of 8 patients who have the said condition, they've seen a major improvement within 5 months after taking CBD.Please check this website for more details about CBD oil https://www.encyclopedia.com/medicine/medical-magazines/what-marijuana.

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